Micronizing Services

Tulstar offers custom micronizing of chemicals and additives for applications in food, cosmetic, plastics and lubricants. Some examples of micronized materials include: chemical powders (food grade and cosmetic materials), pigments and flame-retardants, polymers, resins, waxes, fillers and minerals.

The micronization process produces a particle size of only a few micrometres in diameter. We have the capability to micronize powders to a specified diameter as required by the application for the material being used. We utilize a jet mill process, which uses high-pressure air to micronize materials into an extremely fine powder.

Micronizing Packaging Options

We offer a vast array of unique packaging options for our micronizing requests. A customized or batch size package can be provided. Current finished product package sizes range from 800 pound super sacks to 100 pound fiber drums. We can also fill small bags to the specific weight required by the project.

Through our Logistics Department, we can provide storage and delivery of the micronized, packaged product as requested.

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