• Reduces corrosive damage to chrome plated wheels.
  • Unlike water based lube, it is not corrosive to the TPMS.
  • Safety – Allows the tire to seat to the tire manufacturer’s required lower pressure.
  • Makes rotating the balancing dot to valve stems much easier.
  • Easily seats the 3 piece wheels with deep barrel front hoops.
  • Provides better control of bead “start and stop” during mounting.
  • Out performs water or paste type products, it requires less lube and saves you money.
  • Does not nullify nitrogen application like water based tire lube.
  • A must for colder climates.  Especially when water base lubricants and paste types have froze.  Quick Seat Tire Lube does not freeze.
  • No more torn beads, particularly on used tires where the bead areas have hardened.
  • Great for use of Road Force Balancing when the tire needs rotated on the wheel. (match mark)
  • The tire centers on the wheel more accurately for a good balance the first time.
  • Moisture is the #1 cause for early TPMS failure. Never use water based tire lubes when the vehicle is equipped with TPMS sensors.
  • No more wheel corrosion or bead leaks.

Is nitrogen in tires smoke and mirrors??  ABSOLUTELY NOT – here are some educational links on the benefits of nitrogen.

How Nitrogen is used in Nascar
Why Nitrogen is used in Aircraft Tires
Why Nitrogen?

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