Powering your entertainment.

Tulstar’s transformer oil is rigorously hydrotreated to produce a highly refined mineral oil that provides both stability at high temperature and excellent electrical insulating capabilities.

Increasing performance.

Our lubricant additives help increase performance on engines ranging from high-performance race cars to your local farmer’s diesel truck.

Supplying raw materials for refined enjoyment.

The raw materials and additives we supply for glass manufacturing and packaging help to ensure stability and longevity in the products you enjoy.

Tulstar® was established in 1986.  Since inception, we have served the specialty chemical, base and process oil industries. Our focus is to serve our customers by supplying key ingredients for manufacture in a variety of industries.  Our footprint extends from industrial to personal care.  Adding value by offering specialty packaging, just-in-time delivery, and global logistics has allowed us to build loyal and lasting relationships.


Base Oil

We will work to meet your requirements and specifications to find the best product for your company. more



Tulstar’s Heat Transfer Fluids perform under a wide range of temperatures allowing us to service a variety of industries & equipment. Our varying chemistries will provide the best fluid replacement for your facility. Complimentary oil analysis is available along with guidance from our experienced technical department. To learn more, click here.



Once we receive your order, our skilled sales and logistics team goes to work to find the most efficient and economical way for you to receive your product. more